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Do you truly embrace the digital age, or are your home and office crammed with filing cabinets? Archived documents, bank statements, client documentation, and more? In today's technological era, storing paperwork online is considerably more efficient and saves clutter in your home and business. 

  • Instead of printing monthly bank and credit card statements, household bills, and other personal documents, store them on your computer as PDF files. You should save the document with a name that allows for easy retrieval in case you need to refer back to it (i.e. My ……. Credit Card 072022).

  • Save client paperwork into a PDF file with a name that enables you to readily find it (i.e. XYZ Company Tax Returns 092021). If you need to exchange documents with your client, you can utilize a cloud-based storage service such as Dropbox or OneDrive.

By storing documents on your computer or in the cloud, you may instantly go back to them without having to wade through papers and without clogging your office with file cabinets stuffed with paper. If you are concerned that your computer cannot accommodate all the additional files, you have a few options: Utilize an external storage device. These inexpensive options enable the electronic storage of all documents. They are also an excellent way to back up the hard disk of your computer in case it crashes. Utilize a cloud-based storage service such as Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive. These sites are free to use with limited storage space. If you require extra storage, you can upgrade for a charge (still a minimal cost). Accepting the digital world should not be overpowering or intimidating. 

If you do not like to do this project, you should consider outsourcing it. WE, the Virtual Bee - Virtual Assistant is one click away to assist you with your scanning project. 

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