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A custom domain email address helps you project a professional image and enhances the trustworthiness of your organization. Everyone evaluates prospective vendors based on whether they utilize their own domain name or Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. email. While Gmail and Yahoo are completely acceptable for personal emails, businesses that use these services might appear extremely professional. Consumers anticipate correspondence between an email address and a website's domain name. It tends to provoke inquiries that are unnecessary when they are not. 

"Can the company be relied upon?" Or 

"Are they simply too lazy to obtain a domain email address ?" Or

"Can't afford to pay for such services?".

All of these ambiguities and uncertainties detract from the first impression you are attempting to establish, and as we all know, first impressions are significant. 

If you rely mostly on email to connect with your clients (email newsletters and email correspondences), there is an additional risk associated with using free email accounts: you are attaching your reputation to a third party over which you have no control. Due to numerous spams from Hotmail and Yahoo accounts, for instance, many are wary of free email addresses for fear that the business is a hoax. In fact, many mail servers have blacklisted these domains, increasing the likelihood that your Hotmail-sent email newsletter may land up in the Junk or Spam bin. With email being such a common mode of contact, you must maintain a professional demeanor. 

Don't chance to make a terrible first impression of you and your organization with something so simple to change. Leave Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Gmail for personal use, and other "fun" enterprises. If you want people to take you or your business seriously, you should always utilize an email account with a custom domain.

Business Writing; Proof Reading; Transcription - Documents/ Audio-Video; Translation - English/ Sinhalese; Inbox Management; Web Site Creation; Creation of Business Cards/ Letter Heads/ Pre-Printed Documents/ Promotional Materials; CV/ Resume Writing; Personal Letters.


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